Author: Noah Zoschke

AWS EFS — The Container Friendly File System

In April 2015 AWS announced a new cloud service: Elastic File System — a Shared File Storage for Amazon EC2. Fast forward to June 28th 2016, more than a year later, and AWS announced that EFS is finally available and production-ready in 3 regions (us-east-1, us-west-2 and eu-west-1). A day later, Convox’s David Dollar opened a pull request integrating EFS into Convox Rack, […]

Dev → Test → Prod Parity with Docker

The Twelve Factor App methodology is a series of best practices to follow when building your app to make it easy to deploy to the cloud. One of the factors is Dev/Prod Parity: Keep development, staging, and production as similar as possible It argues that we should aim to reduce gaps between development and production to increase software […]

Lambda Node.js 0.10 Update Instructions

Is your inbox full of messages like this? AWS Lambda to end-of-life Node.js v0.10 runtime on April 30, 2017. Please migrate to Node.js v4.3 or v6.10 immediately Well I’m happy to announce that the Convox fully-automated migration to Node.js v4.3 is available in every region. Pieces of this have been released over the past weeks […]

AWS Integration

From day one, Convox has followed a philosophy of “Integration over Invention”. We believe that everything needed to run apps with impeccable uptime and security already exists through cloud services. The only challenge is integrating all the component services together into a simple and reliable system. To this end, we’re happy to announce our AWS Integration. Deploying […]

Windows Support

You don’t want to fight with system dependencies and setup scripts when you have an app to build instead. If you use Windows, you have it particularly tough. Setting up a good Rails or Django development environment on Windows is harder than on Mac OS or Linux. To this end, we’re excited to announce a […]

The Challenges of EFS

I have been experimenting with Amazon’s Elastic File System (EFS) service on a real web app running across multiple instances. With some effort, I have a file upload and sharing app serving from three web servers sharing a single EFS volume. But due to the performance characteristics of EFS, it wasn’t easy to get going. […]

The Heroku to Convox Guide

Today I’m pleased to announce The Heroku to Convox Guide. This is a simple, step-by-step guide to migrate a Twelve-Factor Heroku app to Convox. Many parts of the Heroku platform map directly to Convox. For example Convox offers a convox deploy command that works just like git push heroku master. Other parts are similar, but represent more significant changes to your […]

Encryption at Rest

HIPAA and PCI both have strict requirements around “encrypting data at rest.” AWS Key Management Service (KMS), a managed service that offers API access to a Hardware Security Module (HSM), makes encrypting data at rest so easy and cost effective that all systems, not just those with strict compliance needs, should consider using it. At Convox, we […]

AWS CodeBuild

A few months ago I wrote AWS Missing Parts: Build Service. At the 2016 re:Invent conference, AWS launched CodeBuild, a service to “build and test code with continuous scaling.” Werner Vogels re:Invent 2016 Keynote — Code Build Announcement I’m very excited that AWS filled in this gap in their platform. CodeBuild enables us to further simplify our systems, […]

Image Workflows

The “container era” that recently began is explained by one core belief: We–the entire community of developers, operators and infrastructure providers–desire “one true way” to package our application workloads. Packaging is as old as computing itself. The universal tar command, short for “tape archive,” was introduced in the seventh edition of Unix in 1979 (wikipedia). Many more […]

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