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Convox 0.5: Multi-region VPCs, Process Scaling, and Databases!

By Matt Manning -

The latest round of development on Convox represents a serious milestone. You can now install Convox in 4 regions around the world, and use the convox CLI to create apps that are connected to a production-ready RDS database that easily scale to whatever number and amount of memory you desire.


Thanks to Robert Coleman, you can now install convox in 4 regions around the world:

$ convox install --region [us-east-1|us-west-2|eu-west-1|ap-northeast-1]

These are the 4 regions where ECS and Lambda are available. Follow PR 95 for progress towards every region in the world.

Process Scaling

You can now scale process count and memory independently!

$ convox scale web --count 4 --memory 1024
$ convox scale worker --count 2 --memory 256

Production Databases

You can easily create an production-ready RDS database.

$ convox services create pg1 postgres
$ convox services info pg1
Name   pg1
Status  running
URL     postgres://postgres::btFTHpZqwmCn88nhN(

When this is finished, set DATABASE_URL on your app environments. 

CLI Cleanup

Lots of small features have been cleaned up in the CLI. Thanks Nguyen Dang Minh and Hu Ming!

Update or Install Convox

If you’re already running Convox, you can get the latest release by:

$ convox system update

If you’re new to Convox, read the docs to learn how to install Convox and deploy your first apps to production-ready infrastructure.