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Convox Newsletter: Audit Logs, Proxy-Protocol, Gitlab, Load Balancer Migration, Latest releases.
By Sara Corredor - 04/ Jul / 2022

It’s June! We are halfway through the year, 2022 is going fast! This month, we’re bringing you up to speed with the latest updates, releases, and information about Convox. 

Product updates: Please note that from now on, all actions done by a deploy key will be audited in the console and available on the Audit Logs. 

Moving forward, we’ve added a new parameter (proxy_protocol) for AWS racks. This new parameter will enable proxy-protocol in the AWS NLB. A use case for proxy-protocol is if you’d like to preserve the client’s source IP of incoming requests. This is available via the x-forwarded-for header.

Side note for enterprise customers:

  • We detected an edge case where racks managed by consoles in version < 2.2.3 with auto-update enabled fail to update and leave the rack in a drifted state, potentially preventing new deployments so please update your console to 2.2.3 or later before doing any rack updates past rack versions 3.4.5

V2 Racks – Classic to Application Load Balancer Migration

On August 1st, we’re going to release a new update for v2 racks to migrate from Classic to Application Load Balancer.

Due to the Load Balancer change, the rack API hostname will also change but this should be transparent for all console-managed racks. Note that during the update, the rack will become unreachable from 5 to 10 minutes, which is the time it takes for the update to complete and to synchronize the new Rack API URL with our system. To manually synchronize the rack API URL we’re also adding a new CLI command `convox rack sync`

For users running v2 racks not managed by the console, you can still synchronize the rack API URL by running `convox rack sync –name rack-name`. It will return the new URL and then you can use it to update your rack configuration file.

Gitlab Integration

Gitlab changed in version 15.0 the Access Token behavior, before that they didn’t have a lifetime expiration (similar to Github), and now they expire two hours after their creation. When you authorize Convox to access your Gitlab account, Gitlab will send us the AccessToken, RefreshToken, and the expiration date for the AccessToken. We will use RefreshToken to request a new AccessToken when it’s expired. You must resync your Gitlab integration so we can save the new information and be able to refresh your token when it’s necessary. Users with a self-hosted console (enterprise) must also update their console to the 2.2.5 version.

Latest Releases

To keep you all updated on the latest releases, here is a summary of recent work:

Version 3 (RSS or GitHub)

  • 3.5.2
    – Prevent skip minor on update (#446)
    – Adding more details about AutoScaling (#444)
  • 3.5.1
    – Adding Postgis as a resource type (#443)
  • 3.5.0
    – AWS – Add proxy protocol parameter (client’s real source ip)
    This new release introduces the proxy_protocol=true/false rack parameter to enable AWS NLB proxy-protocol. A use case for proxy-protocol is if you’d like to preserve the client’s source IP of incoming requests. Available via the x-forwarded-for header key.
    If you’re running a non-console managed rack just make sure to have AWS CLI and jq installed in your terminal.
    Enterprise customers should first update the console app to use the image version.
    Important: When changing this parameter in an existing rack the ingress traffic becomes unavailable for 5 to 10 minutes so please plan for this beforehand.
  • 3.4.5
    – A1 instance type should be included in arm_type (#439)
    – Add e2e tests for installing in existing VPC (#436)
    – Add c7g family to arm instance type (#435)

Version 2 (RSS or GitHub)

  • 20220525184928
    – closes #3538 Rack with HighAvailability false should AutoScale
    – closes #3539 Add c7g family to arm instance type 

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Convox Newsletter: Audit Logs, Proxy-Protocol, Gitlab, Load Balancer Migration, Latest releases.
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