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Windows Support
By Noah Zoschke - 20/ Dec / 2016

You don’t want to fight with system dependencies and setup scripts when you have an app to build instead.

If you use Windows, you have it particularly tough. Setting up a good Rails or Django development environment on Windows is harder than on Mac OS or Linux.

To this end, we’re excited to announce a new platform that works with Convox: Windows.

You can now use convox start on Windows to run your apps.

Simple but guaranteed to failLinux containers on Windows


You only need a few packages to get started:

The Convox development environment handles code reloading, system dependencies, and resources like Postgres and Redis databases.

You no longer have to hunt down Windows installers for Ruby, Python, NodeJS, Nginx, Postgres or Redis. The same exact software in your production stack is running on your Windows PC.

Dev/Prod Parity

When development and production are exactly the same, you will ship more and debug less.

Convox now brings this experience to developers on Windows, Mac and Linux alike.

For more information check out the Windows reference.

Tweet at @goconvox or chat with us in Slack to discuss.

Windows Support
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