» Overview

Convox is an open-source tool for deploying, managing, and monitoring applications on cloud infrastructure.

To get started, sign up for an account and follow the interactive setup to configure AWS and your computer to deploy your first app.

The Convox Philosophy

Open over Closed

We believe in open source. We believe you should be able to inspect and modify the software you depend on to run your business. We believe in open standards and transparency.

Integration over Invention

We believe in using technology that already exists whenever possible. We would much rather consume a service than run a piece of software.

Robots over Humans

We believe in automation. We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about your infrastructure. We design everything with the goal of high uptime, low maintenance, and perpetual availability.

What makes Convox different?


Convox is designed to have as few moving parts as possible. Rather than implementing load balancers or schedulers from scratch Convox uses services available in the underlying infrastructure. We believe that you shouldn’t have to waste your time debugging distributed key/value stores and operating system quirks.


Convox is designed to minimize operations overhead by relying heavily on resilient configuration and powerful automation. Once an application is deployed to Convox it will continue running forever. We believe that you shouldn’t have to waste your time keeping the lights on or constantly upgrading on someone else’s schedule.


Convox is open-source and runs in your own AWS account. You control the software. You decide when and if to upgrade it, and you can change it to suit your needs. We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry who has access to your code and customer data or about noisy neighbors crippling your application.