API Keys

As a Convox user, there are several authentication-related concepts you should be aware of:

  1. Convox account password: chosen by you at signup,
  2. Convox Console API key (one per user account): used with the CLI to log into Racks created via Console; can be regenerated at your request via Console,
  3. Rack API keys: one per rack; can be regenerated at your request but aren’t exposed to you, as they are used by Console to proxy your requests to your active Rack,
  4. Instance SSH keys: one per Rack, applied to all the Rack’s EC2 instances. You can’t specify your own SSH key to be added to the instances, but they can be [re]generated via convox instances keyroll.

Console API Keys

Console users have a master API key that can access all the configured Racks. If you lose this API key, you can generate a new one.

Log in to Console → Click Account → Click API Key → Click Regenerate API Key

Then you can log in from the CLI with your new API key:

$ convox login console.convox.com
Password: <paste API key>

Anytime you log into a Rack or console.convox.com, the key is stored along with the Rack hostname in ~/.convox/auth.

The hostname of the active Rack is written to ~/.convox/rack.

Rack API Keys

Console encrypts and saves Rack API keys to proxy access. For security purposes you should generate new Rack API keys periodically.

Console Log In → Click Racks → Select a Rack → Click Settings → Click Roll API Key

The Rack may be temporarily unavailable while the change takes effect. For more information, see Keyrolls.

Logging into a Rack Directly

You can bypass the console.convox.com proxy and log into a Rack directly. If you installed via convox install, a secure API key was generated and saved in ~/.convox/auth. Use the hostname from ~/.convox/auth to log into the Rack:

$ convox login <hostname> --password <api key>

If you lose the Rack key, it can not be recovered, and a new key must be set through the AWS CloudFormation Management Console.

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