Connecting to a Rack

In some cases you may need to find the Rack’s hostname or API key. Those are needed for things like:

Rack hostname

You can find your Rack host in either of the two following ways:

Via the AWS CloudFormation console

Go to the AWS CloudFormation console, specifying your region (as it appears in convox rack --rack <name>) in the upper right.

Then select your Rack stack and navigate to the “Outputs” tab. You’ll want the value of the Dashboard output, which will have the following format: <rack-name>-<timestamp>.<aws-region>

Via the AWS CLI

If you’ve installed the AWS CLI, you can run the following command, replacing us-east-1 and legit with the region and name of your own Rack:

aws cloudformation describe-stacks \
    --region us-east-1 \
    --stack-name legit \
    --query 'Stacks[*].Outputs[?OutputKey==`Dashboard`].OutputValue'

Your Rack host will be present in the output, which should look something like this:


Rack API key

Your Rack API key is irrecoverable, so if you don’t have a record of it from when you first installed your Rack with convox install -p APIKEY, or if you installed your Rack from the Console web interface, you’ll need to reset your Rack API key.