Installing the Convox CLI

The convox command line tool makes building, configuring, scaling, and securing your apps easy.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • convox start - A single command to start your development environment
  • convox deploy - A single command to deploy your application to a Rack
  • convox rack update - A single command to deliver API and infrastructure improvements to a Rack

You can install it via the command line:


$ curl -Ls > /tmp/
$ unzip /tmp/ -d /usr/local/bin


Alternatively, on OSX you can also install via Homebrew:

$ brew install convox
$ convox update
Updating convox: OK, 20170203184626


$ curl -Ls > /tmp/
$ unzip /tmp/ -d /usr/local/bin


Windows users can download the installer here.

See the Windows Reference for details.


CentOS users can download the .rpm here.

Next steps

Logging in to the CLI

After installing Convox, you’ll need to convox login:

$ convox login
Password: <your Console API key>
Logged in successfully.

Updating the CLI

To update the CLI you can run convox update:

$ convox update
Updating convox/proxy: OK
Updating convox: OK, 20161111173317


You can also set up shell auto-completion features and PS1 helpers for your terminal prompt.

Further reading

For details about how to use convox on the command line, see the CLI reference.