Ruby (Rails)

Getting started with Rails on Convox is easy. Your app will need a Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml, and .dockerignore which you can either provide or generate using convox init.

Getting Started

Go to your local source directory and run convox init:

$ cd ~/myapp
$ convox init
Updating convox/init... OK
Initializing a ruby app
Building app metadata. This could take a while... OK
Writing docker-compose.yml... OK
Writing Dockerfile... OK
Writing .dockerignore... OK
Writing .gitignore... EXISTS
Writing .env... OK

What’s Included

The Convox-generated Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml will give you a good starting configuration that leverages Heroku’s open-source ruby buildpack to build your application.

Running the Application

See Running Locally and Deploying to Convox.