Resources » S3

Resource Creation

You can create S3 buckets using the convox resources create command:

$ convox resources create s3
Creating s3-3785 (s3)... CREATING

This will provision an S3 bucket. Creation will take a few moments. To check the status use convox resources info.

Additional Options

--versioningEnable S3 versioning
--name=<name>The name of the resource to create
--topic=<topic-name>The SNS Topic Name to use for S3 event notifications

Resource Information

To see relevant info about the database, use the convox resources info command:

$ convox resources info s3-3785
Name    s3-3785
Status  running
URL     s3://

Resource Deletion

To delete the S3 bucket, use the convox resources delete command:

$ convox resources delete s3-3785
Deleting s3-3785... DELETING

This action will cause an unrecoverable loss of data.