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Note: The SQS API does not permit Convox to lock SQS resources down from the public internet. SQS queues will be accessible on the public internet!

Resource Creation

You can create SQS queues using the convox resources create command:

$ convox resources create sqs
Creating sqs-3785 (sqs)... CREATING

This will provision an SQS queue. Creation will take a few moments. To check the status use convox resources info.

Additional Options

--message-retention-period=345600Seconds Amazon SQS retains a message
--name=<name>The name of the resource to create
--receive-message-wait-time=5Seconds to wait for a message to appear in the queue
--visibility-timeout=30Seconds to hide a message from other components after delivery

Resource Information

To see relevant info about the queue, use the convox resources info command:

$ convox resources info sqs-3785
Name    sqs-3785
Status  running
URL     sqs://

Resource Deletion

To delete the queue, use the convox resources delete command:

$ convox resources delete sqs-3785
Deleting sqs-3785... DELETING