Reference » Uninstalling Convox

This action will cause an unrecoverable loss of Convox-created data and resources.

At any time you can easily remove all the AWS resources Convox uses for your Services, Apps and Racks. This makes experimenting with Convox very easy.

Uninstall will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

You can uninstall a Rack by running convox uninstall <stack-name> <region> [credentials.csv].

stack-name will correspond to the name of the Rack as shown in convox rack:

$ convox rack --rack personal/example
Name     example
Status   running
Version  20161102160040
Region   us-east-1
Count    3
Type     t2.small

Here’s what it looks like in action:

$ convox rack
Name     staging
Status   running
Version  20160507151256
Region   us-east-1
Count    3
Type     t2.medium

$ convox uninstall staging us-east-1 ~/Downloads/credentials.csv

     ___    ___     ___   __  __    ___   __  _
    / ___\ / __ \ /  _  \/\ \/\ \  / __ \/\ \/ \
   /\ \__//\ \_\ \/\ \/\ \ \ \_/ |/\ \_\ \/>  </
   \ \____\ \____/\ \_\ \_\ \___/ \ \____//\_/\_\
    \/____/\/___/  \/_/\/_/\/__/   \/___/ \//\/_/

Resources to delete:

STACK             TYPE      STATUS
staging-events    resource   UPDATE_COMPLETE
redis             resource   UPDATE_COMPLETE
httpd             app       UPDATE_COMPLETE
staging           rack      CREATE_COMPLETE

Delete everything? y/N: y

Uninstalling Convox...
Deleting staging-events...
Deleting redis...
Deleting httpd...
Deleted ECR Repository: RegistryRepository
Deleted ECS Service: RedisECSService
Deleted ECS Service: WebECSService
Skipped S3 Bucket: staging-httpd-settings-1qp3rr5gvqvey
Deleted ECS TaskDefinition: WebECSTaskDefinition
Deleted Elastic Load Balancer: staging-httpd-web-UPRVFSI
Deleted CloudWatch Log Group: staging-httpd-LogGroup-G7A32VI5DIL0
Deleted Kinesis Stream: staging-httpd-Kinesis-1K5ZUCWNBWP50
Deleted Security Group: sg-7753f80c
Uninstalling Convox...
Deleting staging...
Deleted ECS Service: ApiWeb
Deleted ECS Service: ApiMonitor
Deleted ECS TaskDefinition: ApiMonitorTasks
Deleted Routing Table: rtb-963a6cf1
Deleted Access Key: AKIAJ5RU2E6LJKSNFOSA
Skipped S3 Bucket: staging-registrybucket-hr5n49g164uy
Skipped S3 Bucket: staging-settings-8z9h2uds6z1y
Deleted Lambda Function: staging-LogSubscriptionFilterFunction-1K469UBUT3YS
Deleted ECS TaskDefinition: ApiWebTasks
Deleted IAM User: staging-KernelUser-1CINW2G9H0GV5
Deleted IAM User: staging-RegistryUser-13K93NU6CH415
Deleted KMS Key: EncryptionKey
Deleted Lambda Function: staging-InstancesLifecycleHandler-YR0Q7WT3GB75
Deleted DynamoDB Table: staging-builds
Deleted DynamoDB Table: staging-releases
Deleted AutoScalingGroup: staging-Instances-1JZSF0V5N9BT2
Deleted Security Group: sg-0b47ec70
Deleted Elastic Load Balancer: staging
Deleted CloudWatch Log Group: staging-LogGroup-T368YYN6ITZT
Deleted ECS Cluster: staging-Cluster-DYX9AJALJJA0
Deleted Kinesis Stream: staging-Kinesis-KNT9XFDV2LXJ
Deleted VPC Subnet: subnet-68bcc342
Deleted Security Group: sg-1547ec6e
Deleted VPC Subnet: subnet-7c507e0a
Deleted VPC Subnet: subnet-80314bd8
Deleted Lambda Function: staging-CustomTopic-MZJTM1M9IU7A
Deleted VPC Internet Gateway: igw-88e599ec
Deleted VPC: vpc-eaa2768d
Emptying S3 Bucket staging-registrybucket-hr5n49g164uy...
Deleting S3 Bucket staging-registrybucket-hr5n49g164uy...
Emptying S3 Bucket staging-settings-8z9h2uds6z1y...
Deleting S3 Bucket staging-settings-8z9h2uds6z1y...
Emptying S3 Bucket staging-httpd-settings-1qp3rr5gvqvey...
Deleting S3 Bucket staging-httpd-settings-1qp3rr5gvqvey...

Successfully uninstalled.

Removing a Rack

If you simply want to unlink a Rack from Convox without deleting the associated resources, you can do so via the web console. Click on the Rack name, then navigate to the Settings tab and click Remove Rack.