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  • Installs into your certified account
  • Uses only services that are HIPAA eligible
  • Follows best practices for security

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Data Science
  • Runs containers from 64 MB to 60+ GB
  • Offers storage from 10 GB to 10+ TB
  • Serves web apps and private data services alike

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High Data Throughput
  • Balances traffic across 1 to 100+ containers
  • Deploys new code with zero-downtime
  • Keeps all your logs and metrics in one place

Read the Interstate Analytics case study

What makes Convox different?

The cloud is hard to navigate.

PaaS makes it easy to deploy your first apps, but lacks the customization, privacy and cost controls you need to keep your business there forever.

IaaS is too flexible, requiring a large up-front investment in research and development to build a solution for your team.

Container Orchestration is hot technology, but introduces serious complexity challenges.

Convox offers the best way forward.

Convox gives your Developers single-command deploys for your apps, and simple ways to tune them for any scale.

Convox gives your DevOps engineers a battle-tested private architecture that is easy to set up, operate and modify.

Convox uses container technology as a means for fast deploys and cost savings, not as an technological end.

Convox turns the best cloud services into a cohesive open-source platform.

The result is a simple and powerful platform with the best security, reliability, performance and cost you can find anywhere.

Read about the benefits of Integration over Invention and Services over Software to understand this approach.

Learn how Convox compares to other platforms.

How Convox Works

Convox automates cloud service setup and application deployment.

Install in your own AWS accounts

Get industry best practices without the research and development. Bring control and consistency to your team.

Integrate with existing resources

Connect to your other private databases and VPCs. You control the private networking.

Use the Convox API and CLI

Manage apps, builds, and logs. Not servers and containers.

$ convox apps
myapp  running

$ convox apps info
Name       myapp
Status     running
Processes  admin web
Ports      web:80 web:443 admin:9322

$ convox ps
admin  0.47%  2.21%   17 hours ago  bin/admin
web    3.29%  20.68%  17 hours ago  bin/web

$ convox env

$ convox logs
web: "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 554 0.0027
web: "POST /users HTTP/1.1" 303 - 0.0049

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"Deploying our scientific Python stack used to be a nightmare. Convox eliminates the stress and uncertainty of packaging our code for production."

Ian Wong, OpenDoor

"Convox has been instrumental in helping us enjoy the flexibility of AWS. Their support, product, and team are second to none."

Jamie Quint, Interstate Analytics

"Having Convox on board has freed up roughly 25% of our engineer's time every week. The level of service they provide is truly astounding."

Arthur Weagel, Podium