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AWS EKS Kubernetes 1.17 Depreciation and New Console Release

By Brian Galura -

V3 Rack Update to K8s 1.18

AWS will soon deprecate k8s 1.17. Rack release 3.0.55 updates to 1.18. This update required some changes on our backend which are transparent to users of Enterprise customers who use the self-hosted console will need to upgrade it before rack updates will work.

New Console Release

Last week, we released a new console version to address an issue with AWS EKS authentication. This new version introduces a dependency on the AWS CLI which we now include in the image.

This was added to accommodate for potentially long update times for terraform actions. For example, updating the k8s version used in an EKS cluster.

Non-enterprise users will not notice any changes in their experience but customers using a self-hosted console will need to update their console in order for v3 racks to successfully update to version 3.0.55 and greater. Without this update rack updates to 3.0.55 and greater will fail.

In order to update your self-hosted console please update your deployment to use the latest Docker image. The installation instructions have been updated accordingly. Please check our Console Installation Guide