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DockerCon 2016 Recap

By Noah Zoschke -

Convox’s Noah Zoschke and David Dollar attended this year’s DockerCon in Seattle, WA.

The keynote crystallized Docker’s latest product packaging. There is now Docker for Mac, Windows, AWS and Azure, all running Docker Engine 1.12. Each tool aims to be the best way to configure the computing platform to run containers.

Docker Engine 1.12 offers built-in orchestration with Swarm and a Services API. By embedding these new tools into the docker binary, any computer can create or join a swarm cluster, and start and scale long running services.

The breakout sessions offered lots of deep dives into the latest Docker networking, storage and orchestration options. A common thread is how the Docker Engine and its Plugins and Drivers are evolving so rapidly that it is a challenge to keep up with what is available and what is recommended for running Docker in production.

Notably absent is Docker for Google… Coincidentally, an issue to Dramatically Simplify Kubernetes Cluster Creation was opened on the Kubernetes repo right after the Docker announcements.

Convox will stay on top of these developments to see how the latest tools can improve the experience of your convox start development environment, and the simplicity, reliability and cost of your convox install && convox deploy && convox scale production environment.