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Rack 0.7: Papertrail and SSL
By Brian Galura - 19/ Oct / 2015

This release includes a new Papertrail service, support for custom SSL certificates, and many other improvements.

If you’re new to Convox you can follow our Getting Started guide to get up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Existing users can upgrade to the latest release with: convox update && convox rack update


You can now send your application logs to Papertrail with a single command:

$ convox services create papertrail pt-main --url syslog://

You can then send any app’s logs to Papertrail by linking the service to the app:

$ convox services link pt-main --app myapp


You can now add SSL to your app easily with convox ssl

$ convox ssl create 443 cert.key
Creating SSL listener on port 443... Done.

$ convox ssl
PORT  EXPIRES            DOMAINS     
443   9 months from now

New Services

Notable Changes

  • added --no-cache option to build and deploy convox/rack#74
  • mysql, postgres, and redis services now enforce vpc-only access convox/rack#77
  • prevent apps from scaling beyond rack capacity convox/rack#82
  • default rails support now runs assets:precompile convox/rack#93
  • cli reads default app name from .convox/app if it exists convox/rack#94
  • when rolling cluster instances we now wait for each instance to come up before continuing convox/rack#107
  • convox run handles non-tty stdin convox/rack#110

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Rack 0.7: Papertrail and SSL
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